How To Future Proof Your SEO In The Age of A.I.

In this special SaaS SEO Strategy Brief, we’ll explore: Dispelling The Myths About AI Generated Content Let’s set the stage by dispelling a few common myths about generative content: Myth #1: Google is Actively Working to Remove All AI Content The truth: Google has already come out to say they are not against AI content. …

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Programmatic SEO Strategy Zapier Used to Reach $140M ARR

programmatic seo

July, 2022 Update: I originally wrote about Zapier’s SEO strategy back in late 2018. At the time, programmatic SEO was relatively unheard of. Skip ahead to 2022, and while programmatic SEO is still in its infancy, it’s quickly becoming one of the most exciting areas of SEO. No-code tools make it easier than ever to …

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How GitHub Gets 1.3 Billion Visitors From Open Source SEO

GitHub SEO

GitHub is a cloud based code repository SaaS with a suite of software development collaboration tools. According to SimilarWeb, GitHub receives 355M visits a month. As a non-coder only casually aware of GitHub, I assumed the bulk of that traffic was from direct visits from coders and teams using GitHub to collaborate. But it turns …

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How Diet Doctor Gets 5 Million Visitors a Month With Niche SEO

Diet Doctor is a meal planning SaaS that charges $9.99 a month for access to premium content and software features on its mobile and web apps. Its about page claims 75,000 members, which would put it at approximately $9M ARR. They are completely boot strapped, and haven’t taken any outside funding. According to SimilarWeb they …

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HoneyBook’s Billion Dollar SaaS Network Effect

saas network effects

According to a study by venture firm NFX, 70% of value in tech is driven by network effects. But when most people think of network effects, they think of marketplaces and social networks. Not SaaS.  In this case study we’ll explore how HoneyBook, a SaaS focused on streamlining the proposal and invoicing workflow for freelancers, …

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SaaS Content Marketing: What’s Really Working In 2019 [DATA]

saas content marketing data

What’s really working in SaaS content marketing in 2019?  I wanted to go beyond best practices, and look at how the fastest growing SaaS companies are using content right now.  I analyzed 15,729 pieces of content from the fastest growing SaaS start-ups and uncovered: The 12 most common content types, and which types generated the …

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Reducing Churn With Machine Learning Powered Push Messages

According to research conducted by UrbanAirship, 95% of opt-in users who don’t receive a push notification in the first 90 days will churn. And users who received more than one push message a day had 820% higher retention rates than users who received zero notifications. But just blasting users with frequent messages isn’t a guaranteed …

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How InVision Built a Billion Dollar SaaS (Without Losing Its Soul)

Is it possible to build a billion dollar SaaS without focusing on traditional marketing channels like paid advertising, using high pressure sales tactics, or relying on manipulative growth hacks? After spending several weeks reverse engineering and dissecting InVision’s growth marketing strategy I can say the answer is: yes! InVision’s un-orthodox approach to growth marketing is …

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