25 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

When I was 13 I started a web design “agency” with a junior high friend and started advertising it on newsgroups. The following year I started selling web hosting with dedicated T1 lines as an affiliate, and got into affiliate marketing from there. 

Since then I’ve collaborated with hundreds of amazing entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, and developers across dozens of industries.  And I’ve had the unique opportunity to spend a lot of time across both the SEO and traffic side, as well as the conversion side of businesses. 

Over the last 10 years (I’m 38 now), my work has focused primarily on venture funded, high growth SaaS companies. This has given me a unique lens on how SEO, conversion, and customer success intertwine and the synergy that exists between them. 

SaaS companies tend to focus much more on product-led growth, with optimizing the user experience as a focal point vs. other areas of marketing such as e-commerce that are much more transactional in nature and don’t typically think beyond the initial sale. This more holistic point of view helped me develop the 80/20 Knowledge Growth Loop, and understand more clearly how things typically bucketed as “marketing” like SEO can have a huge impact on the entire customer journey. 

Some of The Companies I’ve Worked With