My Background In SEO and CRO

I’ve been involved in SEO and CRO for 25 years.

Over that time, I’ve helped clients grow from zero to millions of visitors a year from Google, scaled early stage start-ups to tens of millions of users, and architected million dollar product launches.

But the thing I’m most passionate about is helping brands and experts share their knowledge with the world.

I’ve worked with everyone from Ivy League scientists, coaches of elite athletes, and world leaders to small start-up teams, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. Helping them transform their unique knowledge into high traffic web resources that drive business growth.

Some of my recent clients include:

More Than Just A Long Career of Transactional Projects

At the transactional level, I bring valuable expertise, experience, and skills to your team.

But I approach each client engagement on a deeper, relationship level as well. Aiming to bring a fun, collaborative energy to every project I’m involved in.

Growing and marketing a business should be fun and meaningful! Unlike dry, tactic focused agencies – I try to link the latest tactics with a vision you and your team will feel inspired and excited to pursue.

Not only can we create a powerful growth engine for your business that drives large amounts of organic traffic and conversions. But we can also share useful knowledge that makes people’s lives better. And put our own positive stamp on the internet, instead of filling it with more junk.

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