24 Years of Digital Marketing

(A Brief History)


Started a web design agency with a friend when I was 13. Most websites at the time looked like this:


Started selling dedicated web hosting servers as an affiliate. Ran my first PPC campaign on GoTo.com, the world’s first search engine to sell ads. Most keywords were one cent per click.


For my first SEO project, I ranked on the first page of Altavista for the keyword “make money online”. Altavista was the most popular search engine at the time.


Worked as a freelance marketing copywriter selling everything from software, supplements, and online training, to industrial laser cutters and home office organization kits.


Helped the inventor of the “web summit” promote some of the first multi-day live digital events. The magic of these was in having dozens of different speakers. Everyone would promote the event to their lists attracting thousands of attendees. Still a great joint venture strategy.


Helped a client create a product launch that did over a million dollars in sales in under a week.


Became a full time digital nomad and began traveling around Asia and Europe with my wife.


Ran an A/B test on a SaaS client’s sign up flow that added an extra $2M in annual revenue.


Wrote a case study about Zapier’s programmatic SEO strategy. Trended #1 on HackerNews and drove 25,000 visitors to the article in under a week.


Helped grow a client’s blog to a quarter million monthly visitors.


Helped a client build a programmatic topic cluster that quickly grew to over 100,000 visitors a month.